The Power Jockey unit is placed in parallel with the HV battery. This makes it another HV battery placed in parallel with the HV battery.

It is electro mechanical in nature and delivers a constant 1000 watts. Unlike the HV battery it augments which deteriorates in power and capacity over time, it is not affected by age. It gets it’s energy from the 12 volt supply of the vehicle.

The Prius hybrid needs  15Kw to keep the vehicle at a constant of 50 KPH under electric mode. When the engine kicks in the contribution from the electric motor is reduced. If the HV battery system can still deliver sat 3 KW continuously, the vehicles performance will improve.

The Power Jockey is placed in parallel with the HV battery. When called upon it delivers a constant 1000 watts to the electric motor.The Power Jockey provides 1000 watts of power augmentation for the Hv battery.  It uses the energy of the small lead acid battery, converted to correct voltage, to reduce the amplitude of the peaks and troughs in the demand curve that result from events such as vehicle acceleration. There is nothing mysterious or magical about it. It is everyday physics in action. The 12 volt battery is recharge later from the vehicle’s HV system.

A Lead Acid starting battery is eminently suitable for this usage pattern. As a result  the Power Jockey reduces stresses on the expensive battery packs of the Hybrid vehicle, thus prolonging their operational life.

The Power Jockey does not introduce any risks or hazards to the hybrid vehicle, or interfere with the vehicle’s battery management or safety systems.