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Hybrid Vehicle Leasing


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Green Rentals

Low Cost Big Savings

Why not lease your hybrid and let Green Cars take the hassle out of owning a Hybrid.

Green Cars provides a comprehensive vehicle leasing plan for you and your business


Release your cash flow

Help your business grow! spend your money on growing your business not vehicles!

Tax deductable

Your lease with us is 100% tax deductible!

No hidden costs!

Maintenance, insurance, servicing, vehicle registration and WOF are all built into the lease, you just pay a fixed weekly fee.

Easy Budgeting

Fixed fees allow you to better budget and manage your business.

Need a rental for that holiday?

Check out our partners at Green Rental and rent a hybrid for your next holiday! Save money and reduce your carbon footprint!


Hybrid Rental

Want to drive UBER?


Uber Rental

Full Maintenance Lease

We service and maintain your leased vehicle every two weeks with a full service every 5000 kms.

Fixed Weekly Fees

We charge a fixed weekly fee that includes the vehicle lease, COF, vehicle registration and insurance. We even cover NEW TIRES!

Repair and Maintenance

No need to worry about expensive hybrid repair costs we cover all breakdown, maintenance and repair costs for your leased vehicle.

Hybrid Vehicles

All our vehicle are well maintained hybrids geared for peak fuel efficiency.

No Contracts

There are no lock in contracts or hidden fees. What you see is what you get. If you would like to return the vehicle simply give us 4 weeks notice.

Ready to drive? get in touch with us below!


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